fredag 29 november 2013

Finally Friday!

For some reason this has been a veeeery long week. Not so much beacuse of a lot of things to do but beacuse I am...what should I say, a  little bored. Not bored negative but bored, child-waiting-for-Christmas-eve-bored. I want it to be here now! Time for family, rest, fresh air and the time-out one needs after a term full of work... And now in the end, adding the Nordic darkness. It is about three weeks until we have the darkest day of the year and then it turns and starts getting lighter again. That I look forward too! But before that, we get to snuggle up in front of the fire and recover, make new Christmas memories, tell stories from the past and focus on the present. That is the light I look forward to the most right now..

A song that always lightens my mood by this guy.. (Click on the pic.)



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